Indie String Quartet

 Uniting musics with a compelling brew of back beat rhythm, multicultural groove, and modern classical

Who We Are

Squid Inc is made up of some of the Bay Area's fiercest string players and will open your ears as the world of popular music dances with classical tradition.   All members of Squid are highly trained, professional string players who have a love not only for classical music but modern rock, alternative, and jazz.  Using the versatility provided by the violin, viola, and cello, Squid creates its own original works as well as creative, unusual arrangements of alternative and rock music, advocating for classical instruments and classical music in the process. Formed in 2010, Squid Inc is rapidly reaching new audiences through engaging and energetic performances at children’s outreach concerts , symphony halls, art houses and creative performance spaces in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Jory Fankuchen  -  violin
Alisa Rose -  violin (2019-20 season)
Hrabba Atladottir - violin
Darcy Rindt  -  viola
Beth Vandervennet  -  cello

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