Icelandic violinist Hrabba Atladottir studied in Berlin, Germany with Professor Axel Gerhardt. After finishing her studies, she worked as a freelancing violinist in Berlin for five years, regularly playing with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Deutsche Oper, and Deutsche Symphonieorchester.  Hrabba also participated in a world tour with the Icelandic pop artist Björk, and a Germany tour with violinist Nigel Kennedy.

 In 2004, Hrabba moved to New York, where she played on a regular basis with the Metropolitan Opera, New York City Opera, Orchestra of St. Luke's and New Jersey Symphony Orchestra among other orchestras.

 Hrabba also plays a lot of new music, most recently with the Either/Or ensemble in New York in connection with their Helmut Lachenmann festival.

 Since August 2008, Hrabba has been based in Berkeley, California, where she has been performing as a soloist as well as with various ensembles, such as The New Century Chamber Orchestra, The Left Coast Chamber Ensemble, The Empyrean Ensemble, The ECO ensemble and the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players to name a few.

 She is also an active violin teacher with official training in Suzuki Violin. In Berlin, Germany Hrabba acted as an assistant to her old Professor Tomasz Tomaszewski and taught at the JFK school in Berlin, Germany. In New York she taught at the New York Conservatory of Music, the Nightingale Bamford school and gave lessons at the pre college department of the Manhattan School of Music.

 Today Hrabba is a violin lecturer at UC Berkeley.