In the Dog Days of Summer,  2010, we gathered to play through a stack of music-- original compositions and arrangements -- and realized we all had the same hopes: 

1) to create a compelling and inclusive listening experience for all ages, especially to people who have
    neither heard, nor been interested in hearing, a string quartet
2) to be advocates for combined genres of music: classical/rock/pop/alternative/world music
3) to create opportunities of communication through dynamic and engaging performances fueled by a
     joy and love of music. 
4) to create an atmosphere of freedom of expression – an all-inclusive atmosphere being classical and 
    rock and contemporary, the performed music is liberated from any preconceived notions

The name of our group emerged from what we wanted to communicate - non-traditional, unlimited, perhaps a bit on the fringe - and "Squid Inc." was conceived. SQUID would be an acronym for "String QUartet In Denial," which seems highly appropriate for our vision.  All of us are advocates and deeply love the rich history of quartet playing – Cleveland, Guarneri, Emerson, Mozart, Beethoven - but, because a string quartet is so incredibly versatile, we aim to create avenues that highlight the quartet in a more contemporary environment with a primary goal of reaching new audiences. Incorporating rap, vocals, percussion and other instrumentalists as guests are indications of our commitment to this goal.  

Squid has succeeded in reaching diverse and new audiences in venues such as:

Davies Symphony Hall, After Hours, San Francisco
The Freight and Salvage Coffee House, Berkeley
The Subterranean  Art House, Berkeley
The Regency Ballroom, Edwardian Ball, San Francisco
Red Poppy Art House , San Francisco
The Lost Church, San Francisco
The Bay Terrace Theater, Vallejo
Immanuel Lutheran Concert Series, Los Altos
Disco Volante, Oakland
The Starry Plough, Oakland

Here's a bit of the nitty gritty - SI members have played and recorded with Death Cab for Cutie, Bjork, Peter Gabriel, Rosin Coven, Jazz Mafia, Third Eye Blind, Amy X. Neuberg, Nice Guy Trio, Donna Summers, the Musical Art Quintet, Real Vocal String Quartet, the Magik*Magik Orchestra, Transiberian Orchestra and dozens more. 

Our more classical ventures include the San Francisco Symphony, The Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, New World Symphony, the Berlin Philharmonic, San Francisco Ballet, New Century Chamber Orchestra, Deutsche Oper, New York City Opera, San Francisco Chamber Orchestra, Either/Or Ensemble, SF Contemporary Players, Empyrean Ensemble, The Knights, Classical Revolution, Oakland East Bay Symphony, Left Coast Chamber Ensemble, Berkeley Symphony and Marin Symphony.